i'm a baker, artist, designer, creative, and advocate for the silent survivor.

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

I’m E and I love baking. Most of what I appreciate revolves around a world with kind people, a satisfied tummy, classical music, an appreciation of beautiful things, and baked goodies. If I’m not kneading dough, I’m constantly contemplating my existence or trying to find enlightenment.

I started baking "seriously" when I turned 18, when I felt like I didn't have any creative outlets and had just started college in a new place. Lots of baking attempts, YouTube videos, binge eating (unfortunate; I recovered thankfully), and increased SoCal Edison gas bills later, here I am! A self taught baker person who just wants to share my love of baking with you.


banh cuon, dan zai mian, taro bread, the Swiss Alps, piggies, frenchies, the British countryside, Ken Burns Documentaries, antiques shopping at flea markets, old things


melted cheese, rainy weather, social injustice, racism, sexism, OCD, depression, anxiety, ignorance, lack of courage, lack of respect, you get the idea...

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