I've been going to 85 Degrees Bakery for the latter part of my life; and although I don't buy bread from there as often anymore, the breads, teas, and cakes there were integral to my childhood and adolescence.

I have seen this recipe floating around for quite some time, but never really had the nerves to test it out, fearing something important would go awry or whatnot. But during midterms season, the urge to make taro bread became overwhelming. And so I preceded with Food52's recipe along with Sarah Kim's immensely helpful video to accompany the mumble jumble of swirl directions.

Alas, my first attempt was a failure. Not because of taste, but with proofing and water/oil dough placements. I decided to make a few adjustments and here is the final product. Except, I didn't have any taro left. Oops, so much for taro bread. Luckily, there were a couple of purple yams lying around, of which I steamed and mashed.

Tips & Tricks:

  • I found that the second proofing was not necessary for the bread to taste soft and delicious.
  • When Sarah cuts the cigar rolls in half to make 12 oil/water dough swirl combination doughs, DO NOT complete this step. Leave it as is, as a long cigar (watch video for reference).
  • When she separates the dough in 12 pieces, that is not necessary. Just separate into 6 balls instead of 12.
  • The suggested butter content for the steamed taro (purple yam in my case) is a bit high for me, I tried to avoid adding the said amount of butter, if any at all. Use your own taste judgement here.

Overall, I'm really happy how these turned out! They got really good feedback from friends and family. I should make these again soon!

-Emily xx